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Roadside advertising is one of the workhorses of OOH. It is constantly reinventing itself to maintain relevance and impact, meaning roadside advertising spans a huge breadth of formats, from painted buildings to the latest full-motion digital screens. The main formats of roadside advertising are:

48 sheet: The most widely used size for OOH billboard advertising in the UK. At 6m x 3m, 48 sheets offer high levels of impact and can be found in most towns and cities in the UK. Many 48 sheets are back-illuminated, providing quality, stand-out images at the roadside.

6 sheet: The OOH size most commonly used as bus-stop advertising. 6 sheet campaigns, often referred to as Adshels, are particularly effective when a client wants high levels of cover and frequency. 6 sheets are also work particularly well in the retail environment, delivering messages in proximity to a client’s business.

96 sheet: At 12m x 3m, 96 sheets are the largest of the classic UK OOH billboard advertising sizes. 96 sheets can be found in many large towns and cities where the size of the canvas has a higher impact than other classic OOH formats.