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Mall advertising and Point of Sale (POS) advertising allows the advertiser’s message to be the last thing the buyer sees before a purchase is made.

OOH in shopping malls is very diverse and much of it is being converted from classic poster advertising to full-motion digital out of home (DOOH) which allows an even more relevant and immediate message. Lots of malls still contain 6-sheets but many larger ones are now almost fully digital. Messages can be placed in close proximity to retail outlets and mall audiences often have enough time to interact with the posters. Circa £100 million pounds is spent in UK malls each week, making this environment one of the most valuable.

Point of Sale (POS) advertising at supermarkets is a well-established part of the OOH mix and almost exclusively used to promote products stocked in store. It is great for driving sales growth and maintaining good relationships between the supermarkets and the brands being advertised. DOOH is available at Tesco, which uses Clubcard data to make sure your DOOH advertising is showing on the screen directly outside the store at the times and days when most of your product is sold at these locations. POS 6-sheets are also available outside independent newsagents across the country.