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Comic Relief is back! We are so pleased to support across our digital portfolio - #FunnyIsPower 🔴 OpenOutdoor photo

Quick update on how the latest announcements impact our footfalls across campus, pubs and music venues through 2021. 👋👋🙌

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A cautious approach but a very welcome one as all social distancing restriction to be lifted by the 21st June, retail to re-open in April alongside pubs & restaurants outdoors and indoor venues to re-open in May. Now we can start planning! #positiveooh #roadtofreedom OpenOutdoor photo

See the photos from last night’s amazing live stream of @NASAPersevere landing on #Mars, in search of ancient lifeforms. There’s no better screen than @LandsecGroup's #PiccadillyLights to mark incredible milestones like this:
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Ever felt slightly flummoxed by all the media acronyms and #jargon out there, when discussing your media plan? Have no fear...each week we'll be guiding you through the Top 10 terms by media channel that you're likely to come across...this week - #Outdoor! OpenOutdoor photo

We are helping with the green revolution by offering clients the chance to use 100% recycled paper for their OOH campaigns: OpenOutdoor photo