About Us

Our Team

Please allow us to introduce the members of Team Open…a hard working, dedicated group with a proclivity for wig-wearing karaoke. Each member has been hand-picked to bring their own set of skills to the table and ensure we continue to provide the best service for our clients.

At Open, we’re very much a family and like to let our hair/wigs down at any given opportunity – as the saying goes, we work hard, we play hard (but mostly we work hard).

Imagine if The Avengers worked in out-of-home and you’d be along the right lines – this supergroup comes together when called upon by our clients and so without further ado, Team Open…ASSEMBLE!!!

Tom Ransome

A board director at Open well known for his chilled out nature. When Handsome Ransome isn’t planning and buying great campaigns he can be found playing catch with his “adopted” son, Matt Bond.  A knowledgeable man, it’s often the case that when Google doesn’t know the answer, we just ask Tom Ransome. With his seemingly mystic ability to recall impacts, reach and frequency off the top of his head, what can’t this man do???

Lindsay Moore

“Let them eat cake” may be a phrase made famous by Marie Antoinette, but it’s certainly been appropriated by Lindsay as she maintains a one-woman campaign to clog the arteries of her colleagues through a constant supply of various baking goods. Mary Berry eat your heart out, we’ve got Moore-o and she’s our star baker as well as a key pillar of the team, having virtually been with Open since its inception. With a no-nonsense attitude born of being a mother to two young boys, Lindsay strives to provide value for her clients, using her experience to get to the crux of what a campaign really needs to succeed.

Tom Hatch

Thatch a.k.a Tom Hatch is our super cool, smooth OOH operator. A cool, calm and collected film guru who’s knowledge stems from 21 Jump Street to searching for 48 Sheets. Tom’s love for holidays means he is regularly jet setting and his all year tan causes envy around the office. Thatch is a hardworking and reliable member of Open meaning no campaign goes unmissed with this wise bearded man on the case.

Sarah Dahill

Sarah brings a wealth of out-of-home experience to the Open team, having spent many years working at several high profile media owners, she finally saw the light and joined Open Outdoor in late 2013. Returning home to her 2 young daughters ensures that she is always on best behaviour on a night out, unless of course someone else is looking after them that evening…!

Julia Malfense-Fierro

5,000 miles from home, our girl from Malawi brings a unique blend of mispronounced song lyrics, Cockney impressions, and level of hyphenation that was otherwise lacking to the team. Bright and animated, Jules is the bubbling hub of positivity in the office, always looking on the bright side of life and, for the Scrabble aficionado’s out there, she has an impressive surname that would be sure to score big.

Matt Bond

Forget about 007, the only Bond you need to know is Matt Bond. With his razor sharp dress sense, hareem of ladies, love of pints and his ultra-cool Ford Fiesta, he is the Bondy of Outdoor. He may not know who JFK is, but he knows how to find your 48 sheet on the corner of that road that has a KFC and a kebab shop quicker than old James, and he’ll get you a great rate at the same time. No outdoor campaign is complete unless Bondy is on the case…